5 Tips to Stop Mindless Eating May 19 2015 2 Comments

girl eating junk food instead of zero carb Skinny Dip NoodlesThis is an excerpt based on the book, Mindless Eating, by Dr. Brian Wansink. His eye-opening book really delves into the "why" and "how" of what makes us overeat!  Check it out.

Smaller plates. This really works. Even if you know you’re using a smaller plate. In every experiment, even where participants know they're fooling themselves, people eat less when they use smaller plates. People eat more when you give them a bigger plate. Period.

Divide every meal in half.  Put half aside. Eat the first half guilt-free, then ask yourself how much you want the second half and why. There is no wrong answer, just a moment of aware reflection where there was only mindless eating before.

When you eat, just eat. Sit down at a table. Face way from any distractions. Turn off your phone. And think about eating a bite. This is hard and rarely sustainable, but it’ a great exercise if you want to see what “just eating” feels like. When you have a snack, plate it. This makes snacking more inconvenient, which means you’ll do it less.

Put everything you want to eat on the plate. That way you see everything you want to eat before you eat it, and it’s harder to keep scooping the ice cream mindlessly out of the container and into your face.

Eliminate 20%. Dr. Wansink discovered people don't notice a 20% caloric deficit. We don’t feel hungry or deprived when eating 20% less food than we need, so this is the easiest and most sustainable way to lose weight. So just eliminate 20% of your calories (and only 20%, otherwise you’ll crash and rebound) right off the bat by plating your food, then putting 1/5 of it back.